Our company SB Service officially supplies equipment, machinery, energy products, electronics, and machine tools from well-known world manufacturers to Israel cheaper and faster than the dealer network. We work with the concerns Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Siemens, Yaskawa Electric Corporation, Volkswagen, Omron, Okuma, Schneider Electric and many others.


Well-known global manufacturers produce identical products in different regions of the world, but at the same time use different margins for different sales regions. The most competitive and low-margin market in the world is China.


We have been purchasing within China for more than 20 years and currently ship more than 20 tons of products to different countries every day. And we know all the nuances of purchasing on the domestic market.


The price of products supplied directly from the manufacturer’s factory, bypassing intermediary and dealer networks, is much cheaper. It will also be delivered to you much faster.

examples of our supplies


A significant part of the products of Japanese manufacturers Mitsubishi Electric, Yaskawa Electric Corporation, and others (machines, diagnostic equipment, servos, consumables) are produced in factories located in China. From there it is distributed throughout the world through dealer networks. We purchase these products through a domestic Chinese company directly.


Most of the products of European manufacturers, Schneider Electric, Siemens AG, etc., label their products differently for different markets. Moreover, it can be produced at the same plant in the same time period and is technically identical. But the price for the domestic Chinese market is much lower, because we have to compete with Chinese manufacturers.


A similar situation occurs with complex products, such as machine tools, cars, and robots. Consider the products of Volkswagen and Tesla.
Volkswagen produces the id.4 in Europe, America and China. According to a single technological scheme and under the control of German engineers at all factories. The machine is 90% identical. But the base price in Europe is 38 thousand euros, in the USA 40 thousand $, in China 26 thousand $. We buy from China for $20 thousand.
Tesla. New model 3. Just announced for sale in Europe and the USA. Priced from $42 thousand. In China we already buy it for $35 thousand. Also, the car produced in Shanghai uses a more modern type of battery.

Why us?


We have been delivering such supplies for more than 20 years.


Our scheme is absolutely legal and we are the official supplier


We have a staff of 28 people in China and Hong Kong


We have three transit warehouses in China


Our markup for services is minimal (5-20%) and is often equal to the Chinese dealer discount


We have established delivery channels within China and for export

Chinese goods and equipment

In addition to global manufacturers, we are ready to supply products from Chinese enterprises. Through us it will be cheaper, safer and faster. The range of products ordered and supplied in recent years is huge. Chemical products, phones, machine tools, cars, electronics, drones, game consoles and much more.

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